Sunday, June 26, 2011

Maternity Clothing

Maternity clothing is something that is expensive often and many women on tight budgets, moan about. It is only for nine months, and yet spending $40 on something I can only wear for such a short time.

According to my midwife though, wearing tight clothing can restrict blood flow, and can not be healthy for you and the baby, so here are some places to look for some cute, spiffy maternity clothes and some tips on finding them, and not breaking the budget!

All the normal online maternity shops have Clearance.....start there, if you are looking for something new. You never know what will be really cheap that day! Check online for coupon codes as well.



JC Penny

Old Navy

If you are looking for long skirts....this link is for you.
The Modest mom- combining femininity with fashion

Also, if you have local stores in your area like Herbergers, Ross Dress for Less etc. They often have clearance and racks with some maternity selection. Target does as well, but it is generally generously sized, in case you are petite looking for something.

After you have looked and found something you think you like..... and the prices are still too high for you. Check on ebay. Look under the brand names of the things that you like and do a search for it. You will be amazed!!! You can find new, gently used maternity items for much cheaper. However, be careful. Watch that you do not spend over what they are new.

Also, check local children's boutique's and consignment shops. They often carry maternity wear, and sometimes you can find a cute shirt or two that will brighten your pregnancy wardrobe. Sometimes you can bring in some of your children's clothes, that they hardly wore and get some credit it for them as well.

Finally, second hand stores. I know, some people hate shopping them, but occasionally amongst the '80's garb, you will find some cute things!!!

I hope this helps you to try to find something to help your pregnancy wardrobe search a bit!

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