Monday, November 25, 2013

I am sorry for the neglect of this blog!

I have been busy with many things, but also am planning on writing a pregnancy book sometime here in the near future. I was thinking about different topics to include in the book. It seems often pregnancy books are just full of the same info, some books are considered outlandish, hippy, or just plain weird. Then there are the ones that the doctors office hands out, that mention to call your doctor if you have certain symptoms, but no explanation of what is going on. You try to call the doctor and the nurse informs you that it is normal, don't worry and discuss with doctor at the next appointment. Sometimes though, you will get a good care provider that is able to answer some of your questions, but sometimes you just wish there was a book that would give you some of those answers so you don't have to bother the doctor. That is the kind of book I want to write. Something that in layman's terms talks of the norms of pregnancy, the hard things and when the doctor or midwife really wants to see you! What topics do you want covered?