Monday, July 16, 2012

Hot, sticky and tired?

When summer heat starts to get to you, it is difficult enough, but top it with pregnancy, it can be downright miserable! Photobucket

#1) Stay Hydrated- This seems like it should be a no-brainer, but women can end up getting more contractions, feel ill, and get overheated often without realizing it from simple dehydration. Water is the best drink to consume, but try some iced water with slices of lemon in it. The lemon can be great for your liver and kidneys!!

#2) Soak your feet- A simple foot soak in a bucket or dishpan can really refresh you and ease swollen or puffy feet. Use a simple homemade foot scrub to make your feet feel refreshed and revitalized. I know at the end of pregnancy it can be really hard to reach your feet, so ask your husband or friend to help you out!

Lemon foot scrub- 1 c. sea salt 1/2 c. oil (any kind, but healthier oils are nicer) 3-5 drops essential oil...I like Lemon Store in tight container.

#3) Spend time at the pool- Swimming is one of the best exercises while pregnant as it is a low impact exercise, that can exercise the entire body. This will refresh you and at the same time get those ligaments and joints ready for labor and delivery. If you can swim 2-3 times weekly while pregnant, you will feel better for labor and it will help you stay cool! If you don't swim, just spending time chasing your kids and standing in the kiddy pool will help you!

#4- Don't cook heavy meals, but make sure to keep the protein up. Sometimes it is hard in the summer to feel like eating or cooking. Big green salads with cooked Rotisserie chicken, grated cheese, sunflower seeds, avocado and other vegetables can be a great way to fill up, get some protein and stay cool! Watermelon, smoothies with protein powder added to them, cheese sticks, vegetables and dip, bowls of cut up fruit like strawberries, mangos, bananas, apples and pears are great served with hard cheeses, and lunch meat that you have heated to prevent any contamination. Make sure to stay away from soft cheeses like Brie etc. This might be a time to look at some easier meals that can be cooked in the microwave and in your crock pot as well.

#5 Stay cool and comfortable!!! Wear loose fitting clothing that breaths. Shorts sometimes are not the coolest clothing to wear, a loose fitting cotton top with a flowy skirt can help you get some air flow and stay cool and comfortable! Comfortable shoes are a need! This is not the time to be wearing high heel sandals, but comfortable shoes that support your feet and are not too tight.