Thursday, June 16, 2011

Combatting tiredness in pregnancy

Tired? Run down feeling? Most people find that these feelings are par for the course when it comes to pregnancy, but here are a couple suggestions that may make it a little easier!

First off, make sure you let your care provider know, if it is unusually bad. Your iron may be low, and need to be checked. If your blood pressure is low as well, it can make you very tired as well.
One thing, I have seen when blood pressure is low, that exercise can raise it and make you feel much better. You will feel like your limbs are heavy and you cannot move, but force them to move and walk to raise it up and you will be amazed at how much better you feel.

Daily exercise, not too extreme, as that can tire you, but a brisk walk daily can actually combat the extreme tiredness and help you to feel better in your pregnancy. There is some studies that show that exercise during pregnancy helps your baby to be in a better position and labors to be faster and go smoother.
Here are a couple of links to some articles on the topic:

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Most of these are just articles with info on the studies, and remember to discuss any type of exercise with your care provider.

So, what else can you do to combat weariness?
Lack of sleep can really wear you down in pregnancy, the constant getting up to use the restroom, and the uncomfortable stress of sleeping with a large ball in front of you.

A couple of tips, make sure you find out how much calcium/magnesium supplement you can safely take as a pregnant woman. This mineral helps your muscles to relax so you can sleep and have less leg cramps.

Drink plenty of fluids, but not over the top so you are using the bathroom in excess.

Eating a light protein snack before bed can sometimes help you to sleep better and keep your blood sugar more stable, even if you do not have blood sugar issues.

Eat a healthy diet- there are many trains of thought on this. Anyone who has read "What to eat when you are expecting" knows about the Best odds diet, which focuses on limiting weight gain in pregnancy. There are many other diets out there, do some research.
This study was interesting on how poor diet in pregnancy can effect your baby's long term health.
Why poor diet in pregnancy can effect your offsprings's long term health?

Excess sugar and empty calories can be a cause for lack of energy though as well, so choose the foods that will give the most nutritional impact on your baby first. Your stomach will not be able to hold as much food as time goes on, so making sure you get the most important foods first is an excellent way to look at it.
Focus on the food groups, and make sure you are getting as many servings as you are supposed to of vegetables, fruits and meats. Women in pregnancy can sometimes struggle with dairy, but this is another thing to discuss with your care provider.

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