Friday, July 10, 2015

The Key to Birth

We would all love to know what the perfect birth will be for us.
The uncertainty of birth often complicates our plans as well as others.

We see the medical field seek to add a semblance of order into the disorder of birth, much to the detriment often of mothers.

I read a quote recently that no matter how we birth, someone will judge us. The only thing we can do is educate ourselves on what is the best birth for us.

This is so true. Birth plans must be fluid. They change with the circumstances and the needs of ourselves and our babies.

There are times we have to embrace a plan that we didn't want for the safety of our babies. Often, our minds can tell us that this is a failure.

I would love to encourage you to think of it as a triumph. You are going into this experience of birth with a goal of giving birth to your baby.  You will do what it takes to do that. You wish to have the best mental health, physical health and each step will be carefully considered.

As the changes come up in your birth plan, remind your support before hand, "I wish to be reminded that I can ask for 5-15 minutes to think that over."

This helps stop a lot of medical bullying at the hands of care providers that do not even realize they are doing it. If it is an emergency, they will let you know then, but most of the time, they will realize they can give you that time.

So, what is the key to birth?

It is feeling supported, educated and therefore putting you in the drivers seat, instead of along for the ride. When you are in that driver's seat, you will handle whatever blocks come down the road as you have the steering wheel and the brakes.

Yes, sometimes accidents happen for which you will have to deal with at a later date. Accidents are called that for a reason. They are not on purpose.

Birth can be something you are in the drivers seat for. But remember your team that works with you. Your support team, your care providers and family should be along for the ride, encouraging you.