Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Morning sickness

Morning sickness is a woe that hits many pregnant women. Some people are blessed with the lack of it, but as it is a sign of healthy pregnancy hormones, some of us are thankful for it, while hating it at the same time.

So, we all read the tips for helping with the sickness. One article says if pregnant women eat large amounts of beans, it will reduce their sickness, while another proclaims a herbal cure.
One thing to remember is to make sure to check with your care provider before starting any special diet or herbs. Some of them are not safe for pregnancy.

Across the board though, there are some things that seem to help with morning sickness.
If you are overtired or lack sleep, you will probably be sicker. If you have more than one child, you know that lack of sleep is a part of life, but if you can manage to squeeze in a nap or get to bed earlier, or even sleep in a bit, sometimes you will find morning sickness is not as hard to handle. How to practically do that?
When I had little ones, I would set one on the end of the couch with a book and the other behind my legs and then I would fall asleep. If they moved, I felt them. It is not ideal, but a way to get a cat nap in the moment.

Liquids can often be hard to get down, but sometimes bubbles can help. Sugar was a trigger for me, so I drank lemon club soda. The acid seemed to help and the bubbles to keep me hydrated. I also did some plain herbal teas that I could sip on. Again, make sure to check with your doctor to make sure your tea is safe.

Distractions- this could be a funny movie, a good book, staying busy with a project unrelated to food. It can help, but don't overtire yourself. Overtiring yourself can make you sicker than ever.

Avoid evening activities.

Keep well hydrated and even if you know it is going to come back up, it is better to eat a little as some nutrition will make it to the baby.

Find a list of good remedies that you would like to try. Collect about 30 of them. Write them on a calendar and work your way through them, one day at a time. Write notes on what worked and what did not work. Try to make enough of them that you can get through them and by the time you are done, hopefully morning sickness will be over.

If you find yourself getting very dehydrated, vomiting everything you eat, please call your caregiver right away. You may need some medical help to get you through this.

I found personally that sugar was a big trigger for me, I avoided it and it really helped ease the morning sickness.

You would think.... would easy for me to think of many pregnancy topics! But for some reason, I want them to be so good that I over think it and then do not write at all! It does not help when you are trying to build a blog!