Sunday, June 9, 2013

1 reason I would recommend hiring a doula...

What is one reason I would recommend hiring a doula? There are many reasons, but the #1 reason that I would say stands out from all of the others, would be that you need one.

You may not know how much you need one. You may have even had great birth experiences without one. I will tell you, it is kind of like something you cannot explain or tell someone about, until you have experienced it.

A good doula is worth her weight in gold! They are worth the cost not only to the laboring mother, but also to the father. Someone said recently, "Hire a doula if your husband is not up to the task!" I would counter that statement with the thought..."Hire a doula if your husband is up to the task, but he wants to do better."

Do you think you might want more children later? Often a doula can help your husband to not see birth as a terrifying experience, but instead one that he felt empowered to succeed at, in helping his wife to give birth to their child. He may not remember the woman that helped him learn to support his wife, but he will remember that he did not feel helpless when she was giving birth. He was given a job to do and the instructions how to do it. The best doula is often the one you don't remember them talking much, their actions are smooth and subtle.

They may work tirelessly to be holding counter pressure on the laboring woman's back so the husband can look into her eyes and tell her what a wonderful job she is doing. They can run for the glass of water, pour water continuously over the belly, or do hip squeezes for hours on end. They can show them where to place your hands when a contraction comes over the laboring woman, and breathe through the crest.

A doula is someone that will be there for others, not just the laboring woman.

If you are looking for a doula in your area, there are many ways to find one. Doula Match is a good source for many areas.

In our local area, we created a website with a directory of doulas. Many areas have this as well. To view our website Flathead Valley Doulas you can view each different doulas skills and see if there is one that best fits your specific needs.

Google your area and see doulas that are available in your area. Also, check with local care providers as far as what doulas they recommend.

Checking through certification venues for doulas also, is another way to find them. CAPPA and DONA are two highly respected ones. If you do not see a doula listed in your area, give them a call as sometimes they have ones that did not finish certification, but are trained.

So, one reason I would recommend hiring a doula? I would recommend hiring a doula for a more positive birth experience, for all those involved.

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