Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hospital's banning elective c-sections

This article explains how it can be dangerous to just schedule a c-section or induction based on convenience. It explains how many hospitals are banning it, but while I have noticed that many doctors are making women wait a little longer thankfully, I still see a trend to c-sections. I am thankful that the info is getting out there!

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  1. I'm not proud to admit that I would have LOVED it if my OB had ALLOWED me to schedule a C-section (I know that most women want to go completely natural and avoid surgery which TOTALLY makes sense) because my first delivery was SOOOO horrible (nothing bad happened necessarily, it was just long and painful. You know--labor!) that it just made SENSE (TO ME) to cut me open and gently remove the baby. Logically, I KNOW this isn't as simple as I'm making it, but it made sense to me when I was waddling around and feeling horrible! Anyway, I joked about it with my doctor and he adamantly stated that it wasn't a good idea for the baby and that the baby would come out when the baby was READY to come out--not when I was ready for the baby to come out. At the time, I seemed to be the only one NOT scheduling one, so if he hadn't explained it all to me I may have insisted on one. I liked this article--it reminded me of my friend's sister who had her baby at maybe 36 weeks because she wanted to avoid gaining the weight in the last month! The comment that the one lady made about convenience and not having control killed me! Is ANY of this in our control? And haven't women been having babies for centuries without being in control? I get her point to a certain degree, but REALLY, lady?! (Of course, it's okay that I wanted to have surgery instead of having my babies the way women have been doing it for centuries because I'm judging OTHERS today. TOMORROW I will judge myself...;o))